Experience in the use Erogen X

Family life Erika from Stockholm for many years did not go well because of the small size of his Penis. He is very worried, but decided to buy Gel Erogen X. The funds helped him to save the family, and Eric shared his experiences with the use of the Tools.

Eric bought Erogenous X to increase the size of his cock

"I got married very early, that was my first and only love for the whole life. My wife is a little older than I was, before meeting with me she had a serious relationship. She was my first in bed, until I was a virgin.

I must say that I am very shy in intimate matters, but my wife just a Sex Bomb. She wants to have Sex, day and night, now it's subsided a little, but the first time after the wedding, they are just not of me left. To me it has feelings of joy and pleasant, confused only one thing – my penis size.

Why the woman has a change for me to

My cock hardly really on the level of 11 cm, and I'm always very careful given. The woman laughed at him sometimes called him "Baby", I laughed along with him, but always felt a slight check. We have frequently used toy for Sex, rubber member took a part of my functions. I've even used this shuffle, until she found out that his wife is cheating on me.

It hurts a blow to my vanity, and I spoke with her seriously. She assured me that with a new lover it's only interested in Sex, because you missed a really masculinity. I'm still the worst, I have sat for a week locked in a room, but to think then began to, how to enlarge your Penis.

Offers on the Internet was enough – they had to choose between gels, injections, and surgery. I have chosen the first. Gel for penis enlargement Erogen X he seemed to be a reliable drug, I found contacts with the men that have used it, wrote one of them, and he confirmed that his Penis was longer on 3 inches within two weeks.

I temper a Gel for penis enlargement Erogen X and to do began to so, how in the manual is written. There has not been clearly described, how it was Gel, the questions with the help of the Tools. My Penis filled with blood immediately after application, very much like Sex. Then he fell a little, but the desire has not disappeared. I said nothing to his wife, we talked.

After 10 days, I made the first measurements of a member really increased by 1.2 cm. I was pleased and finished the course of the application of the gel. Overall, my cock grew per month to 4.5 cm. Now I was ready for the deed and waited for the right Moment.

After use Erogen X came to us in the family, the luck

The result of the use of Gel Erogenous X + 3 cm

One evening his wife decided to reconcile with me. She came and started to say that to me it's not enough that she loves me and just wants to be with me. Asked for forgiveness, said that in her boyfriend about a member, you is nothing more and nothing seen. I was hugging him, kissed, and we love made.

When she saw my Horny cock, she froze and screamed, without any understanding of what to do with him. I told her that he Erogen X. It was the result, but on her face, I realized that this is what you wanted. We had a such a passion, how many years ago. She screamed in pleasure, and my sensations were ten times sharper.

So we have reconciled, the woman fell in love with me. In the case of us in the family have full understanding. It took 3 months, the tail remained the same, but I plan to repeat the course and achieve even better results.

Erogen X not for me, no side effects. The Gel is consumed sparingly, I had a packing for a month. It is very effective. Don't need to endure if you are not satisfied with your penis size, it is possible to. You the Gel helps Erogen X".