Penis enlargement gel - which is better to choose and where to buy the original

Penis enlargement gel - this concept includes various agents that have a stimulating effect.

The drugs are applied directly to the penis. They are absorbed into the skin and promote blood flow to the tissues of the genital area. Which is better to choose and what is the benefit of using such funds?

a girl measures a man's penis with a gel before enlarging it

Selection principles and product benefits

Choosing the most effective gel is not so difficult, for this you need to strictly follow the recommendations.

When choosing a drug, you should evaluate:

  1. The ingredients included in the composition. They must be natural and must not have any harmful, toxic effects on the skin or body.
  2. Expiration dates. If they have expired, then the use of such a tool is dangerous to human life and health.
  3. Customer reviews and their opinions on the results obtained. If there are simple ones that will confirm the lack of a result, then you should give preference to its analogue.
  4. Doctor's opinion. For men, information from doctors can be helpful for a number of reasons. It is often best to consult your doctor before using these creams.
  5. Lubricants with a minimum of contraindications and allergens are suitable for the penis. The greater the risk, the greater the likelihood of unpleasant symptoms, as well as various skin problems, after using it.
  6. The cream should be selected individually. This means taking into account the properties of the organism. Otherwise, there is a high probability of its inefficiency, there are many similar goods on the market. It's a shame to buy a "dummy" and waste your money.

When using gels

Man measures penis before enlargement with gel

Why do men increasingly prefer such creams:

  • act quickly and do not invade the general bloodstream;
  • have a relatively small list of contraindications and side effects;
  • increase the erection, stretch the erectile tissue and spongy bodies, filling them with blood and nutrients.

When choosing gels for penis enlargement, men consider the ability to produce an erection. In addition to the rush of blood in the groin tissues, they promise to affect the sensations, make them bright and unforgettable.

But many lubricants contain hormones, they affect the functioning of the genitals and can be harmful to health. Hormones in low concentrations are harmless, but if used systematically, the risk of damage to health increases.


the doctor prescribes a gel for penis enlargement

Who shouldn't use hormone creams:

  1. Young people and men under 23 years of age.
  2. People with hormonal problems.
  3. Patients with endocrinological problems, diabetes mellitus and other diseases.

In the case of traumatic injuries to the skin in the genital area, you should not resort to lubricants. Various ulcers, wounds and rashes do not allow the application to begin.

Where to buy and how to determine authenticity

If you want to order a cream, use the official resource. You can make a purchase on the website, receive the goods in the mail, or choose to use courier delivery. You can shop in the city's pharmacies, but often such drugs are not available and you will have to wait for them to be delivered.

With such an order there are no guarantees, the goods can arrive in a few days and the waiting time can take more than a week. In addition, pharmacists in pharmacies often ask for prepayment. A guarantee that the buyer will come for the order and redeem it.

In answering the questions: where to buy the original, it should be noted that in various circumstances it is possible to come across an inferior product.

Where do you get the real gel? - help to understand customer ratings. This information is evaluated and tracked prior to purchase.

Fake creams

Gel for penis enlargement

Where to buy a non-original drug:

  • on questionable websites that offer a big discount;
  • on locations that were established relatively recently and have no experience of delivering such goods.

You should avoid dubious offers and understand that the price-performance component makes a lot of difference in this case. Nobody is going to sell an effective drug for a dime and arrange promotions with 70% off on a regular basis.

How to recognize a fake:

  • rate the originality of the tube;
  • inspect the box and read the instructions.

If the effect of the use of such lubricants is absent, then we can talk about fake or about individual insensitivity to the components.

Contraindications to use and rules of application

the doctor gives contraindications for penis enlargement with gel

The instructions contain all the necessary information. In most cases, the use of the gel is not recommended if:

  • there are lesions, injuries, ulcers, rashes;
  • there is an individual intolerance to the components that make up the composition;
  • there is an allergic reaction to the extracts of plants or herbs included in the composition;
  • the man has mental illness;
  • there are hormonal disorders, disorders or endocrine diseases of various origins.

How to use it correctly or instructions for use:

  • applied to clean and dry skin;
  • rub it into the skin with light movements, but without waiting for it to dry completely;
  • after a few minutes the result of the use will appear.

It is not recommended to combine the product with alcohol and narcotic stimulants. The effect will be unexpected.


When choosing a product for penis enlargement, pay attention to different gels. Focus on a few lubricants, study their indicators, composition and properties in detail - this will help you not to make the wrong choice and make a worthwhile purchase.