How to quickly enlarge your penis at home and in what ways?

The man surprised his girlfriend with a big penis

The stumbling block of many men is the greatness of their dignity.

Some even have a number of complexes about it and develop self-doubt.

However, there is a way out of any situation, and if the penis size problem has arisen, then it is worth working hard to solve it.

Of course you can work on yourself and accept yourself as you are, but not everyone succeeds and not everyone will be satisfied with this option.

Therefore, you can choose a more complex option - an increase in the member to the desired size. But how to quickly enlarge a penis at home? Let's find out in today's article.

is it real

Penis size you want to enlarge

Before any company is founded, the question arises as to whether the intended result is realistic. Instant penis enlargement is no exception.

Of course, everything is very individual and a clear answer to all questions about health and changes in the body can never be given.

But if one person has been successful, then there is a very high probability that the other will be successful.

ThoseFactors on which the reality of the result depends:

  • the chosen method of penis enlargement;
  • a competent approach to business, and most importantly, as little emotional as possible;
  • precise implementation of the necessary measures and recommendations in relation to the chosen method;
  • Well, without a strong desire to go anywhere on this matter.

On such a delicate matterimportantFirstdon't hurt yourselfand choose a rational approach to business.

extension methods

There are many options, they all differ in the degree of efficiency, speed of achievement of results and costs.

Of the already tested and known methods used to change the size of the penis, the following can be recognized as the most suitable:

  • penis enlargement pills;
  • gels, ointments;
  • You can enlarge the member with pomp;
  • Renewal.

To understand how best to enlarge a penis, you must first understandwhat each represents. Let's take a closer look.

gels and ointments

Learn how easy it is to enlarge a penis without mechanical intervention. At first glance, the easiest and most harmless way to adjust the size of dignity are gels and ointments, but this is not so.

Assuming the action takes placeat the cellular levelusing different types of components and substances, thenthere is great dangermake the wrong choice.

And to end up in the hospital, already engaged in the treatment and recovery of at least what was available, instead of adjusting the size.

Therefore, choose an ointment or gelnoticeThe following points:

  1. connection. The main point that needs to be studied both from the point of view of susceptibility to each one individually and from the characteristics of the components inside. substances must beat most of natural origin, or with a known effect, undoubtedly if it is a synthesized chemical.

    Good gels contain such substances as maca, elastin, goryanka, thistle, amino acids and proteins.

    In general, anything that can somehow complete the cellular structures of the body or induce cell division, supplementing them with nutrients to avoid a lack of resources for the growth of tissue structures.

  2. product quality, or rather its authenticity and conformity with what is written on the packaging. It's quite difficult to verify while sitting at home and shopping over the internet, but it is possible. Choose a trustworthy website and order a tool. And the best thing to do is find a real shop that has similar products in its range.

    Request a certification, also check its authenticity and verify all required seals, registration numbers and contact details of the organization that issued this certificate.

    For reliability, you can contact this organization and clarify the authenticity of the document.

In no way importantDo not buy the product by hand or from dubious sitesand do not follow the low cost, you can come across a fake and face terrible consequences.

How to quickly increase a penis with gels and ointments at home? You can achieve the desired resultafter a month of use, the method of which is indicated in the instructions for each drug individually.


To correct the size of the penis there is a device called a pump. We will learn how to quickly increase penis size with the help of such a drug.

From the name you can guess the principle of his work. existstwo varietiessuch a device:

  • vacuum pump;
  • hydro pump.

As the name suggests, the first works due to air pressure, the other - water.

Pump that is available in every sex shopnot suitableto enlarge their penis, but only to produce or enhance an erection for a while. We are talking here about special pumps whose price is reasonable.

Male penis enlargement pump

The pumps work becausecreate a special pressureaffecting the penis.

Such an effect causes an increase in blood flow and all processes in the organ, which contributes to its growth. No contraindications to the use of such devices have been identified.

Used pumpenoughsimple. It is worn on the penis, lubricated with a special tool usually provided with the kit. The pressure is adjusted and this device is worn for the time required for the procedure, after which it is removed.

Consider the followingNuances during the procedure:

  • strictly adhere to the time of a session;
  • comply with the recommended pressure level;
  • If there is a feeling that it is possible to be with a pump longer than necessary, it should be divided into several approaches, but for a shorter period of time.
  • Do not use the pump without special tools.

If you use a pump, you need to know that because of the principle of its operationThe penis gets biggerthan increase in length. Thickening and enlargement of the penis does not occur quickly. With regular use, the width increases by 2-3 cm and the length by up to 5 cm in six months.

Then how can you quickly grow a member? Watch out for the next section.

Extender that allows you to enlarge the penis in 3 months


Using an extender can promise resultsin three monthsafter starting regular quality procedures.

They must be carried out strictly as indicated in the recommendations for use.

The main nuance to count on when using such a deviceno pain during the procedure. The only thing that is not harmful to the penis is a slight discomfort and an unusual state of sensation in the penis.

In no case should you engage in manipulations aimed at increasing the penis to the detriment of your health. Discontinue the procedure if acute pain occurs and avoid it.

It is desirable to wear the deviceseveral times a day, split into small sessions by duration. The break can last from 15 minutes to several hours.

If possible, it is best to do soat different times of the dayby two hours. It is very important not to exceed the permissible norms for the duration of wearing the device.

Penis enlargement exercises

There are many types of penis enlargement exercises, ranging from the technique of stretching the erectile tissue of the phallus to jelqing. Even banal masturbation, like any other physical activity, will definitely yield results.

The duration of the result depends on the general condition of the body., the choice of a specific exercise technique and the regularity of the execution. It can vary from several weeks to several months.

It is important not to overdo it with the load and not to strive for an early increase in the intensity of execution. It is worth noting that the result must be preserved.

A man looks at his penis and wants to enlarge it

Enlargement of the penis during sexual intercourse

Penis enlargement, in principle, occurs independently in the presence of an object of arousal, but there are ways to do itartificially.

To such wayscan be attributed:

  • pumps sold in sex shops;
  • specialty medications in tablet and spray form;
  • special rings.

record penis enlargementworth rememberingthat not only the size determines the sensations during sexual intercourse. The size of the penis does not replace the strength of desire, nor arousal, nor the ability to give pleasure, let alone feelings.

Before you quickly increase the penis, it is still advisable to think about the advisability of such an event, and most importantly not to be disappointed after the desired size of dignity is achieved.

If you are determined to enlarge the penis, you can choose the tool that is most suitable for you.